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August, 2023 Genealogies The Pike Road Pillons, Amherstburg, Ontario, CANADA
June, 2023 Genealogies Addition of photographs relating to Harold C. Phillips (son of Emma Louise Pilon): military portrait, Harold with his fiancée, commemoration in Amherstburg's St-Jean Baptiste cemetery
January, 2023 Genealogies Ambrose Pilon's Reminiscences about Pilon's Bakery
March, 2021 Genealogies Addition of a photograph of Harold C. Phillips' (son of Emma Louise Pilon) grave marker in Tunisia
March, 2021 Genealogies Addition of a photograph of Sgt Philip Pilon (SN 74110)
March, 2021 Genealogies Addition of a photograph of Allison LeRoy Pilon and his wife Myrle Lucas Pilon (taken from their tombstone)
December, 2012 Genealogies Details of the Children of John Pillow (Pilon) of Canterbury
December, 2012 Genealogies Lieutenant Edward Pillow RN
December, 2012 Genealogies Edward Pillow (1812-1884) and Family
April, 2010 Celebs Pilons and Pillons, Members of the Legion of Honour
April, 2010 Celebs Pilons and Pillons, Awarded the Medal of Saint Helena
March, 2010 Stories Benefits Forgot, Kent College, Canterbury and Edward Pillow (1827-1909)
March, 2010 Genealogies The Descendants of John Pilon (Pillow) of Canterbury, England (1714-1783)
February, 2010 Stories Pilons at the 1914-1918 Vigil, Ottawa and London
January, 2010 Stories Germain Pilon Street, Paris, France
January, 2010 Stories Additions to the Pilons of London; Information on the French Church at Soho Square
June, 2008 Archives Photos of the Halifax Memorial where Joseph Germain Pilon, RCNVR (1919-1944) is Remembered
January, 2008 Stories French-Canadian Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (1914-1919)
November, 2007 Stories The Pilons of London, England and Threadneedle Street
August, 2006 Archives Information about Leeming Station, Yorkshire, England where François Roland Pilon, RCAF, was based during WWII
June, 2006 Pilon Partners Pilon Interests; for interested and interesting Pilons (Dave Pilon - Netherlands)
March, 2006 Archives Memorial to the WW2 fallen of Rockland, Ontario, including François Roland Pilon and Bernard Gaston Pilon
February, 2006 Stories Well-Travelled Photographs; Photos of Grannies and Aunties
February, 2006 Archives Group Photos of No.4 AOS and No.4 BGS (François Roland Pilon was a graduate of these programmes)
January, 2006 Stories Dead of Starvation at the Fort of the Forks
January, 2006 Archives Gerard Russell Eddy Pilon, Régiment de Maisonneuve (1923-1945)
January, 2006 Archives Philippe Pilon, Royal Canadian Artillery (1913-1944)
December, 2005 Archives Bernard Gaston Pilon, Les Fusiliers du Mont-Royal (1925-1945)
October, 2005 Archives Database of Pilons and Pillons soldiers of France who died on the battlefields of the Great War (1914-1919) - in French only
March, 2005 Stories The Letters Home from Vietnam of Cpl. Alan Everett Pilon, USMC
March, 2005 Archives Yearbook of Course 39, No.4 Air Observers School, Crumlin, Ontario (François Roland Pilon was a graduate of this programme)
February, 2005 Archives Greatly enriched tribute to François Roland Pilon, RCAF with the addition of his journal, photographs of François Roland and his companions in arms, official letters and more.
January, 2005 Archives Photos from the crash site of François Roland Pilon's bomber went down and pictures from the cemetery where he lies in France
January, 2005 Pilon Chat An Updated Analysis of the Messages Left at the Pilon Chat Page
October, 2004 Archives Pilons in Academia, Theses written by Pilons
November, 2003 Archives Joseph Germain Pilon, RCNVR (1919-1944)
September, 2003 Archives François Roland Pilon, RCAF(1916-1943)
September, 2003 Archives Léon Pilon, Nile River Voyageur (1854-1885)
June, 2003 Archives Private Emile Clarence Pilon (1908-1945), Canadian Forestry Corps
January, 2003 Pilon Celebs Hugo Pilon (1887-1953), Teacher, Author
November, 2002 Pilon Stories This is Who We Are: The Launching of Mikinok, a Pilon Canoe
November, 2002 Genealogies The Pilons of BAYEUX, NORMANDY
November, 2002 Pilon Chat Where do the Pilon Chat message come from? An Analysis.
November, 2002 Genealogies 11 Generations of Pilons in the Netherlands.
August, 2002 Archives Addition of photos of the gravestones of our glorious Canadian Pilon soldiers who lie in Europe, thanks to Jan Pilon of the Netherlands
July, 2002 Pilon Celebs Cézanne's Pilon du Roy
May, 2002 Genealogies Pilons of the Netherlands
April, 2002 Pilon Partners Jan Pilon of the Netherlands joins the team
April, 2002 Pilon Celebs Johan Pilon Founder of Nes Ammim
April, 2002 Pilon Celebs In Memoriam - Stijn Pilon, wife of Johan Pilon of the Netherlands
February, 2002 Pilon Partners Mary Pilon Sobran of Michigan joins the team
December, 2001 Pilon Partners Guy Pilon of France joins the team
December, 2001 Genealogies  Some American Pilons
December, 2001 Genealogies  Some Pilons of Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
September, 2001 Pilon Archives A Few Old Maps to Locate the Pilons in Canada and Along the Routes of Their Travels
August, 2001 Pilon Stories If Stones Could Speak, The Story of a Tombstone
May, 2001 Pilon Celebs Father Joseph Pilon Honoured (1932)
December, 2000 Genealogies Photographs of the family of Victor Pilon and Olive L'Heureux, Essex County, Ontario
October, 2000 Pilon Celebs Pilons in the Arts
August, 2000 Archives Pilons in the Great War: reorganized with Attestation Papers and Canada's Tomb of the Unknown and National War Memorial
July, 2000 Pilon Stories Lest We Forget - Notes on Canadian Pilons who died or were wounded during World Wars I & II
June, 2000 Genealogies Fabien Pilon, Essex County, Ontario
June, 2000 Pilon Celebs Jean-Guy Pilon, Member of the Order of Canada
June, 2000 Pilon Celebs CWO Donald Alden Pilon, Member of the Order of Military Merit
May, 2000 Pilon Partners News from our cousins in France - 2 new translated issues of Le Pilier, the newsletter of l'Association des Pilon de France et d'Europe
May, 2000 Archives Pilons Leave Their Mark on the Land Canadian Geographic Place Names
April, 2000 Pilon Celebs Lise-Anne Pilon-Delorme, Member of the Ordre de la Francophonie de Prescott & Russell
April, 2000 Pilon Partners Steven H.J. Bickerstaffe - My Family History (A proud descendant of Jeanne Pilon, daughter of Antoine and Marie-Anne)
April, 2000 Pilon Partners Pilon Family Genealogy Forum
April, 2000 Archives U.S. Place Names - Pilon Ranch and Pilon Mine
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