Pilons in the Great War
Justice par Allerod au MÈmorial de Vimy, France A fact of human nature that is probably the most incomprehensible and unacceptable is war.  Brutal and senseless acts, which see human beings trying to anihilate neighbouring peoples, happen with incredible regularity.  In our times, the decisions to go to war are taken, certainly not lightly, but by individuals who will not have to take a gun in their hands and come face to face with their own death at the hands of an enemy who, in normal circumstances, is an ordinary person like themselves.  Such is modern warfare.

On this page are the names of Pilons who were members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War.  Whether motivated by fellings of patriotism or adventure, these people were prepared to defend our liberty by offering their lives in exchange.  In fact two of them, Norman Joseph Pilon and Edouard Pilon died on the battlefields of Europe in the service of their country.

Regardless of our own opinions about this conflict and even the reasons for their participation, the fact remains that they lost their lives while performing their duty.  They offered themselves so that others would not have to.  We are in their debt.  We have an obligation to know who they were.  To them, our most profound respect and our gratitude.

Canada par Allerod au MÈmorial de Vimy, France
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