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People bearing the family name of Pilon have left their mark in just about every walk of life possible; from the notorious to the famous.  While our Canadian ancestors usually lived humble lives as farmers and voyageurs, in more recent times, Pilons have successfully participated in the broadest possible range of trades, professions and vocations.  In more recent times, more and more Pilons have continued their education beyond secondary school and many have completed graduate degrees.  The National Library of Canada has been diligently and dutifully archiving copies of dissertations written by Canadian scholars.  Theses are original research which contribute not only to Canada, but to the wealth of all humanity.  They now have a services through their web site which allows web surfers to sort through their extensive listing of theses by any number of parameters: author's name, subject, title, etc.

Pilon International searched through the more than 250,000 theses currently in the collection for dissertations written by Pilons.  As of September of 2004, there were 45 theses written by Canadians or at Canadian post-secondary institutions whose last name is Pilon and 3 whose last name is Pillon.  These are impressive numbers and a tribute to the determination of these individuals and a source of pride for all of us.  We may not have all undertaken the long years of study at university, but through our own daily lives we have encouraged someone who has or by our own taxes, we have created an environment that permitted someone else to gone on.  Their contributions enrich all our lives, sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes in more indirect ways. 

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