1887 - 1953
Teacher, Author

Hugo Pilon was born in 1887 at Loppersum, the Netherlands. Between 1906-1920 he was a teacher. In 1920 he became head of an agricultural school and an inspector of chicken farms at Barneveld. At the same time Hugo made some broadcastings about nature subjects on Radio Hilversum; there he also started a project for schoolgardens. Between 1932-1948 he was a teacher at the State Agricultural School at Schagen. In 1949, he started a laboratory for soil investigation and the Chemical Laboratory at Sneek. Hugo retired early because of a heart  attack and died in 1953 at Sneek, the Netherlands.
Hugo Pilon wrote children books and text books about nature for schools.

The titles of his children books are:

De boschkat van `t Spanderswoud (1925)
Beiteltand, de aardwolf (1927)
Avonturen op de Leeuwenplaats (1929)
In de jongenskiel (1929)
De dolingen van Dikspriet (1930)
Oelevlucht (1931)
Gezellen op het levensfeest (1949)
Schemertijd (without year)

The text books for elementary schools are:
De boerderij (part one `Grond` in1928 ; part two `Plantenteelt` in 1928 and part three `Veeteelt` in 1928).
Bloeiende sfeer (an annal in 1929)
Blijde leven (5 parts and 5 workbooks in 1930)
In het rijk van vreugd en smart (5 parts, between 1926-`30)
De natuur (3 parts, between 1929-`30)

Also he made bible exhibitions and was director of a choir at Hilversum between 1927 and 1932. 

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