11 Generations of Pilons 
in the Netherlands

In searching for Pilons we turn over old, moisture-yellowed pages and we discover  names like Abraham, derived from the Old Testament as well as Daniel, Jeremiah and Sarah. Genealogical research on this has been done by P.J. Ritsema (deceased).  This research was then extended and updated by P.R. van den Berg and presented in a book at a Dutch Pilon reunion at Loppersum in 1997.

Abraham's descendants living in the United States were present that day. They had migrated, like other Pilons. Many other Dutch Pilons had migrated to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. (See the Pilon Chat section).

Below we present, thanks to our Dutch partner Jan Pilon, the 11 generations of  his daughter Annelies. 
Perhaps you can find your own link to these Pilons. We would like to hear from you in order to add more branches. 

  Abraham Pilon  ?  ?. 1630 ?
I Daniel Pilon ?  ?. 1650  Sara  ???
II Willem Pilon ?  ? .1672-3  Grietie Pieters
III Daniel Pilon  12.01.1696 Grietie Claesens 
IV Antje Pilon  ?  ?    . 1736  Jacob Jans Jacob Fiebes 
V Pieter Jacobs Pilon  27.08.1769  Antje Tonkes 
VI Klaas Pilon 30.03.1817  Anna Freerks Hoving 
VII Luitje Pilon  27.05.1858  Geertje Ebbe's Lever Hilje Jans Tillema 
VIII Jan Pilon  24.09.1894  Grietje Van Der Wal Klazien Doornbos 
IX  Geert Jan Pilon  14.09.1923  Aaltje Makken
X Jan Pilon  24.11.1948  Sophia Goedknegt 
XI  Annelies Pilon  13.08.1976 

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