Some Pilons of Ottawa, 
Ontario, CANADA

compiled by Robert M. Pilon

The Family of Patrick Pilon (1866 - 1936)
Victoria Godin Patrick Pilon, born in Montréal on November 7, 1866, married Victoria (Victorine) Godin, daugther of Moïse Godin and Marie Lamoureux, in the Ste-Cunegonde Church of Montréal, Québec on October 25th 1887.  He passed away in Ottawa in 1936.
Patrick Pilon

They had five children, detailed below:

Eva Pilon (right) married Nelson Benoît October 26, 1912 in St-Jean-Baptiste Church of Ottawa, Ontario
Children:  Yvette, Gabriel, Isabelle, France, Noëlla, Jean-Paul, Lucette, Claire, Armand, Jeannette, Madeleine, Claire, Laurent, Carmelle Rowe (2nd marriage)
Ir╦ne Pilon (l) and Eva Pilon (r)
Gaudias Pilon, born in 1893, and Clara Blanchette married June 11, 1946 in the St-Bonaventure Church of Ottawa, Ontario
Children:  Georgette and Léo
Gaudias Pilon Clara Blanchette
Ida Pilon (right), Patrick Pilon (center), Goudias Pilon (left) Ida Pilon (r), Patrick Pilon (c) and Gaudias Pilon (l)
Irène Pilon (left) married Arthur Gravelle on March 22, 1920 in the Notre-Dame Basilica of Ottawa, Ontario
Children:  Georgette and Robert
Ir╦ne Pilon (l) and Eva Pilon (r)
Léo Pilon and Fleur-de-Mai Rochon married on November 30, 1919 in the Notre-Dame Basilica of Ottawa, Ontario

Léo and Fleur-de-Mai had 7 children, pictured in the photo at the bottom left with their aunt Mary Cannon

Details of their family appear below:

L╚o Pilon L╚o Pilon and Fleur-de-Mai Rochon
Fleur-de-Mai Rochon Marilda Francoeur dit Leclerc
Mary Cannon and the children of L╚o and Fleur-de-Mai excepting Jean

The children of L╚o and Fleur-de-Mai with their aunt Mary Cannon The Children of Léo Pilon and  Fleur-de-Mai Rochon
Annette Pilon, born August 16, 1920 in Ottawa and died March 19, 1997 in Kingston, Ontario 
Married to Georges Hull, born July 15, 1915 in Ottawa and died September19 ,1995 in Toronto, Ontario

Children:  Kathryn, Donald, Cecilia

Annette Pilon Annette Pilon and Georges Hull with their children

Annette Pilon and Georges Hull

Lucille Pilon, born  March 20, 1922 in Ottawa
Married on March 5, 1942 in the St-Jean-Baptiste Church of Ottawa to Maurice Carrière, born April 12, 1921 in Ottawa, son of Donat Carrière (right) and Doria Duhamel (left), niece of Mgr Joseph Thomas Duhamel, Ottawa second bishop

Children:  Paul, Suzanne, Thérèse, André

Lucille Pilon and Maurice Carri╦re Lucille Pilon at 17 years of age
Doria Duhamel Donat Carri╦re
Lucille Pilon and Maurice Carri╦re with their children
Jeanne "Irène" Pilon married Ozerie Ranger
Children: Jacqueline, Jacques
Jeanne Ir╦ne Pilon
Laurent Pilon, born in 1923, drowned accidentally on July 4, 1938 in the Ottawa River
He was 15 years old.
His passing marked the entire family.
Laurent Pilon
Noëlla Pilon, born on  December 21, 1926 in Ottawa and died in  Cornwall, Ontario on February 13, 1990
Married Roméo Pariseau of Val Tétrault (born in 1917 - and died September 14, 1965) on  October 17, 1942 in the St-Jean-Baptiste Church of Ottawa 

Children:  Robert Pariseau and his wife Claire Boucher with their children Marc and Mario.

No╬lla Pilon with her Rom╚o Pariseau
Robert Pariseau and Claire Boucher with their children
Robert Pilon, born on April 25,1931 in Ottawa, Ontario
Married on June 28, 1969 in the St. Thomas d'Aquin Church of Ottawa, to Hélène Bélisle (born in Toronto April 6, 1942) daughter of  Réal Bélisle and Edna Rainville of Chelmsford, Ontario

Children:  Michel (Christina Plain), Yves (Chantal Côté) and children: Amélie et Mélina
Daniel (Annie Désormeaux) and children: Julien and Gabriel

Robert Pilon and H╚l╦ne B╚lisle with one of the grand-children
Jean Pilon born  September 14, 1932 in Ottawa.  Residing in Montréal Jean Pilon in Oka

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