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Photos of Grannies and Aunties

The idea for these pages was born from the realisation that genealogical information relating to the Pilon family is of interest not only to those who currently bear that family name, but also to the great number of people related to Pilons throught their mothers or their grandmothers.  This is why I thought it useful to put together pages which could present photographs of relatives who have passed on and for whom you would like to learn more about their Pilon genealogy; mother, aunts, grandmothers.  Its easy.  Contact me, Robert M. Pilon, through my email address: rmpilon@rogers.com

This is the story of how an old photo can travel through time to connect with our hearts and family.  It all started with a call for life as follows through an email message on the “Pilon Family Genealogy Forum” .  All this time I’ve held it in my mind and heart waiting to find the appropriate way to handle this precious gift of a picture.  Photos bring loved ones to life don’t they, to moments of sharing, to a longing for lasting moments of peace and quiet with past family members and friends.  Well, here goes :

Flora et Clara PilonJanuary 04, 2005 : 11:06:50 from Gerard P. Blanchard
"Anyone interested in Pilon’s from Penetanguishene, Simcoe County, Tiny Township area of Ontario, Canada in the 1870, 1880, 1890’s ? I have an old photo of two young girls ages approx. 2 & 3, with old handwriting on back of photo stating Flora Pilon, Clara Pilon, no date. I will mail free of charge to 1st interested person."
January 06, 2005 : 13:59:52  from Robert M. Pilon 
"Bonjour, Hello Gerard Blanchard.  Got your email.  Quite exciting !  Very definitely I would be interested to treasure your photo of Flora and Clara … I do understand your wish to preserve these old photographs.  If you wish to pursue this conversation  ? "

January 06, 2006 : 05:59 from Gérard P. Blanchard
"A little background on the photo of Flora and Clara Pilon. This photo has been kicking around in my Blanchard Family for about 100 years, as it was passed down to my dad, and was given to him by his mother Celina Quesnelle daughter of Jean Baptiste Quesnel and Philomena Blosse dit Bellehumeur.  The only connection that I can ascertain is that of Celina and her step sister Anastasie (J.B.Quesnel and second wife Agnes Campeau).  Anastasie   Quesnel married Octave Pilon, son of Oliver Pilon and Catherine Asselon, Oct. 12, 1902, Ste-Anne, Penetanguishene.  As I mentioned there is only very old handwriting (70 years that I am aware of ) on the back of the photo.  I am sorry to say there is no imprint on the photo to indicate where the photo was taken."

January 07, 2005 : 08:14 from Robert M. Pilon
"Thank you very much for replying so rapidly and for the genealogical background included.  I know that this photo will constitute excellent material for an article in our Pilon International web site.  By the way, Marie-Anne Brunet, married to Antoine Pilon in Montreal in 1689 are our first Pilon Canadian Ancestors.  Marie Anne’s mother was a Blanchard from the city of Quebec and she was a Fille du Roy.  Let’s keep in touch."

January 07, 2005 : 08:17 from Gérard P. Blanchard
"I will put the photo in the mail today.  I am so happy that we have made this small connection.  I am a history nut and try to preserve some of the few artifacts that have been passed on to me… I just happened to come across this container of old photos.  It got me thinking that since no one in my family is interested in this old “junk” I was going to find someone before it got all thrown out.  I am so glad that this small bit of information may be of some help to you."

March 25, 2005 : 15:02 from Claude Dimitri

"Bonjour,  As a follow-up to an email you have received some time ago about a photo dating back to the 1900’s I think I can identify, without seeing it, the people on the photo as my aunts Flora and Clara Pilon.  If you wish to have more details about this I will be happy to provide them.  (text translated from the email in French)"

March 26, 2005 : 13:25 from Robert M. Pilon
"Hello Claude,  I will gladly accept more information about Clara and Flora as I am preparing an article for our Pilon International web site.  I certainly would like to know your genealogical family connections to the Pilon clan."   (translation)
April 14, 2005 : 17:49 from Claude Dimitri
"I am sending you a copy of genealogical information relating to my mother  (Ida Pilon married to Lionel Dimitri) .  You will notice that dates of birth and death are lacking.  When these will have been found I will forward them to you.  By the way Flora was born 22/08/1891 in Perkinsfield, Ontario.  Clara was born 31/05/1893 in Perkinsfield also."  (translation) 

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