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Many individuals and organizations share a passion for Pilon genealogy and history.  Pilon International welcomes collaborators from around the world, evidence that Pilons are truly international.  Here we present these Pilon Partners.  Feel free to contact them about adding new information to this site.  You may also wish to consider allowing your name to be added to the list.  Please contact the Page Makers.
Mary Pilon-Sobran

Born, raised, and schooled in Lincoln Park, downriver from Detroit, Michigan, USA.   After marriage and raising my family of two sons and a daughter, I returned to college, graduating with honors and as president of my nursing class. A rewarding career followed with specialties in psychiatric nursing, traumatic brain injury and as chief research nurse for the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.  Now retired  I thoroughly enjoy being Nanny to my 2yr old grandson born August 1999. I also have one step-granddaughter.  My avid interest in family genealogy followed participation in the 1995 Pilon International gathering at Gatineau-Hull and a visit to the home of our first Canadian ancestor, Antoine Pilon at Pointe Claire, Qc.  This led to my founding the Pilon Association of America after organizing a meeting of over 100 American and French Canadian Pilons that met in Wyandotte, Michigan. 

Guy Pilon

I was born in 1937 in the city of Brest, commercial and military sea port at the western tip of France, in Bretagne.  This is where I spent my childhood.  My training as an accountant lead me to work in the financial services of TWA an American Airline.  It is within the Commercial Department of this company that I established a career until my retirement in 1997.  Married in 1963, I am the father of two children and proud grandfather of three boys.  A collector of stamps, coins, postal cards, unusual stones not necessarily precious I am also passionately interested in History. 

In 1994, my interest in Genealogy was stimulated upon meeting a group of Canadians which I assisted "l'Association des Pilon d'Amerique"  visiting Bayeux in Normandie, France, the birthplace of their Ancestors.  That year I founded l'Association des Pilon/Pillon de France et d'Europe.  This Association of which I am still the president provides contacts between Pilons, exchanges of genealogical data and information related the large Pilon family through our quarterly publication "Le Pilier".  Contacts with the Association may be made in French or English.

Jan Pilon

Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands (1948) I went there to Highschool where I (beside a dialect of Dutch) became multilingual:  English, French, German and some Italian.  Finishing the Academy of Arts twice, I became a painter and a sculptor. 

At this moment (2002) I work and live in Rhenen, together with my wife Sophie (1955).  Our daugther Annelies (1976) lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).

Learn more about my family tree.

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