Pilons of the Netherlands

The 17th century witnessed great turmoil in Europe, as religious intolerance reached into many corners of this continent. 

In 1685 the Edict of Nantes (1598), which had previously permitted some religious tolerance in France, was revoked. The Huguenots as they became known, left their native country in fear. Today it is not always possible to establish where they had their local origins. Maybe the Dutch Pilons came from the surroundings of the ëCol du Pilonë in the south-east part of France. Possibly they boarded ships at Marseille and set sail for the Low Countries.  They might also have taken a journey by land, starting in the Piemonte in Italy; through Switzerland and crossing a mountain-pass which they named  ëCol du Pilloní. From there they might have travelled up to Germany and finally arrived in Groningen, then a northern part of protestant Holland. 

In a church list of members from 1690, for the first time, we found the name Pilon: that of Abraham, born around 1630 and married at Vierhuizen. Probably he was a schoolmaster and a deacon.

Below, we present the first five generations of Abraham's descendents.  The information was taken from the excellent Dutch Pilon web page produced by Menne Glas which should be visited for additional information on the Pilons. 

We hope that this will permit descendents of Abraham to more easily attach themselves to this extensive branch of the Pilon family. 

I Abraham Pilon
II Daniel Pilon
b. about 1650
m. Sara
III Willem Pilon
b. about 1672
m. about 1695, Grietje PIETERS
Abraham Pilon
b. 1687, Ulrum
m. Nov. 28, 1717, Meijke REINJES
IV Daniël Pilon
b. 1696, Ulrum
m. 1721, Ulrum, Grietie KLAASSEN
Pieter Pilon
b. 1697, Ulrum
Sara Pilon
b. 1701, Ulrum
Sara Pilon
b. 1705, Ulrum
m. April 24, 1735, Michiel FOLKERTS, Zandeweer
Jeremias Pilon
b. 1710, Ulrum
m. Grietje MELIS, Ulrum
d. June 17, 1760, Ulrum
Eltje Pilon
m. 1735, Claas GEUGIES, Groningen
Saartien Pilon
b. 1727, Ulrum

IV Daniël Pilon - Grietie Klaassen
V Antje Daniels Pilon
b. 1736, Uithuizen
m. 1758, Jacob JANS, Uithuizen
d. Jan. 1807, Stedum
Klaas Pilon
m. 1767, Anje KLASEN, Uithuizen
Willem Daniels Pilon
b. 1733, Uithuizen
m. 1772, Aijelke JACOBS, Uithuizermeeden
Grietje Pilon
m. May 23, 1782, Jan ANKERMAN, Groningen
VI Daniel Jacobs, b. 1761
Grietje Jacobs, b. 1764
Martje Jacobs, b. 1767
Pieter Jacobs, b. 1769
Klaas Jacobs, b. 1772
Luitje Jacobs, b. 1780
. Greetje Willems, b. 1775
Jan Jacobs, b. 1780

IV Jeremias Pilon - Grietje Melis
V Willem Jeremias Pilon
b. 1738, Ulrum
Melis Jeremias Pilon
b. 1738, Ulrum
m. Mar. 18, 1772, Trijntje Derks VOET, Ulrum
Anje Jeremias Pilon
b. 1740, Ulrum
m. Apr. 17, 1766, Arent JACOBS, Ulrum
Sikke Jeremias Pilon
b. 1751, Ulrum
m. 178?, Dieuwerke JANS
Johannes Jeremias Pilon
m. Nov. 29, 1767, Fennechien Jans BOL, Ulrum
d. Nov.1808, Vierhuizen
Cornelis Jeremias Pilon Pieter Jeremias
m. Nov.1 1778 ,Trijntje Cornelis TOT
VI . . . Anje Sikkes
Jan Sikkes
Jeremias Johannes
Jan Johannes
Grietje Johannes
Aagtje Johannes
Willemke Johannes
. .

Follow this link to view a page on 11 generations of Pilons in the Netherlands from our Dutch Partner, Jan Pilon. 

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