Multiple Enlistments

While we sometimes think of war service as something to do if necessary, it is not necessarily something one wishes to do.  However, there are a number of individuals among the 89 Pilons who served, who appear to have enlisted more than once, after first having been either rejected or discharged for a variety of reasons.

Fernand Pilon (856168) and (916958) are the same person who re-enlisted in a different location (July 28, 1916 in Toronto, Ontario)  when first refused (March 23, 1916, in Drummonville, Québec) because of being medically unfit (his eyesight was such that "Cannot see to read at 10 feet nor count the letters."). He eventually went to France and was wounded in the battle of the Somme August 22, 1918.

Louis Rodolph Pilon (145136) of Ottawa, Ontario enlisted in 1915 and participated in the Battle of Vimy Ridge where he was wounded in the shoulder 10th April 1917.  However, after being demobilized in May 1919, he re-enlisted in June for another 3 months.

Phillipe Pilon  (649320) was born in Massachusetts and enlisted in Timmins, Ontario in May 1916.  It was not judged that he would make žan efficient soldierÓ and he was discharged.  An individual with the same name (1102297)and a very similar signature, born in the same American town, with a mother with the same name, but a slightly different birthday (November 24, 1897 vs October 25, 1898) enlisted in January 1917 and was accepted.  He went on to suffer žshell shockÓ on at least two occasions which left in unable to continue serving in the CEF.

Joseph Pilon (145355, 3056716) was born in Thurso, Québec and enlisted in 1915 but was discharged after 73 days because of chronic rheumatism.  However, he re-enlisted again in 1918 and served for barely more than 1 month.  No reason was given for his second discharge. 

Thomas Pilon (640105, A11325) enlisted the first time in March of 1915, but was discharged in June of that same year upon payment of $15 (why?).  He re-enlisted a second time in April of 1916 and served in Canada, England and France until he was demobilized in May of 1919.  When he enlisted the second time, he indicted that he had three sons, Omer (6 years old), Conrad (4 years old) and Henri (2 years old).

Thomas Pilon (145219, 633601) of Martintown Ontario enlisted for the first time in September of 1915 in Alexandria, Ontario.  He was discharged as medically unfit in January of 1916.  However, he re-enlisted at the end of February 1916 in Cornwall, Ontario and by the end of May 1916, he was again discharged as medically unfit.  He had foot problems that precluded his being able to march.

Wilfred Pilon (1105205) was born in Verdun, Québec.  He enlisted the first time in March of 1917, only to be discharged for medical reasons in April of 1918.  He appears to have suffered from epilepsy which seems to have been present in some of his siblings.  He re-enlisted in September of 1918.  He served in Canada and England until his demobilization in February of 1919.

Wilfred Pilon (2320409) was born in Iowa, USA and enlisted the first time in St. Boniface, Manitoba in July 1917.  He was honourably discharged at the beginning of August of that same year.  He re-enlisted in March 1918 and served in Canada until his demobilization in December 1918.

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