Where They Served

Of the 89 CEF Pilons, 43 or slightly less than half (48.3%) served beyond the shores of Canada and of these, 24 were in either France or Belgium, while a single individual was sent to Siberia.  Of the three individuals whose theatre are unknown, two actually re-enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps of Royal Air Force.  The fate of the third is truly unknown (undocumented in his attestation record).
 Served in:
Canada 43
Canada and England 18
Canada, England and France 23
Canada, France and Belgium 1
Canada and Siberia 1
unknown  3

The effects of the war on individuals who served at the front can only be guessed at. However, the medical information contained in the attestation records do allow us to determine that of the 24 who served in either France or Belgium, 8 were wounded in action, of which one subsequently died of his wounds.  One individual was killed outright and 1 suffered the debilitating effects of "shell shock".  The casualties for Pilons then are 10 or just under 42%.

1914 - 4 (1 early medical discharges, 1 served France and Belgium for duration discharging 1919) 1 killed in action, 1 early discharge no reason given) 

1915 - 11 (7 served in France, 4 Canada only (1 enlisted a second time for the pleasure), 4 served Canada only and medically discharged early, in 1916 or 1917) 4 had previous militia experience

1916 - 13 (2 are second attempts from 1915 first enlistments - 1 of these still didnít make it while second went overseas to France till end of war); 2 discharged as medically unfit, a third one as medically unfit went elsewhere to re-enlist, was accepted and went to France where wounded at Battle of the Somme.

1917 - 16 (2 enlisted twice, one served in Canada, the other to England but medically discharged) 3 to France (1 died of wounds), 5 others to England and rest Canada only

1918 - 47 (3 are re-enlists) 6 go to France, 11 make it to England, 1 goes to Siberia, rest to Canada, 8 discharged within 1.5 months (2 to re-enlist in RAF or RFC)

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