Within the group of 89 CEF Pilons, a small number (15 or 17%) had achieved some level of rank, but the vast majority (74 or 83%) remained private soldiers during the entire period of their enlistment.  It must be noted that two individuals who are included in the 74 actually enlisted, but were quickly discharged so that they could enlist in the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Air Force.  At present I do not know what become of these individuals.  The breakdown of the different ranks is as follows:
Lieutenant  1
Sergeant  2
Corporal  5
Trooper  1
Sapper  5
Nursing Sister  1
Private  74

It should be noted that the rank of Corporal includes Lance Corporals.  Additionally, there was a third Sergeant Pilon (Simeon Pilon, 2753227), but he was demoted in the field for "neglect of duty".  One of the Corporal Pilons (Gedeon Pilon, 660854) included in the table requested to return to the rank of private soldier for health reasons.  While he did serve in England, a chronic bronchial condition and poor eyesight prevented him from serving in Belgium or France.

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