Place of Birth

The pattern which emerges concerning the place of birth of the 89 Pilons of the CEF is reflective of the general distribution of French-Canadians in general, and of Pilons in particular.  The majority (50 or 56%) of CEF Pilons were from Québec.  The next largest concentration is found in Ontario (26 or 29%).  The remaining Pilons were either from the prairie provinces, the United States, or, surprizingly, England.  It is important to point out that the place of birth and the place of enlistment are not always the same or even close, although as a rule, the Pilons had not moved very far from their place of birth at the time of enlistment.
Place of Birth 
Québec  50
Ontario  26
Manitoba  4
Saskatchewan  1
United States  6
England  1
Unknown  1
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