Pilon Genealogies

When family historians work out thetheir family's story, they naturally begin with the most recent generations and work their way backwards.  Like a tree, there are always more leaves and small branches than there are large branches and trunks.

To help family genealogists interested in the Pilon family to discover connections, we would like to publish the family trees from different regions of the world so that those who have a few of the more recent generations might be able to find their connection.

Once again, you are invited to participate and enrich this section with you family trees.  We will try to organize them geographically in order to facilitate the search for your connection.

The Descendants of John Pilon (Pillow) of Canterbury, England (1714-1783)
The Roots of North American Pilons

Pilons of the NETHERLANDS
11 Generations of Pilons in the NETHERLANDS
Some American Pilons
Some Pilons of Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
The Pilons of Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario, CANADA
The Pilons of Essex County, Ontario, CANADA
The Pilons of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, CANADA
The Pilons of Michigan, USA
The Pilons of ENGLAND
The Pilons of Canada's Northwest Territories

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