The Roots of
North American Pilons

Antoine Pilon (1664 - 1714-15)

It was in the 1680s that the young Antoine Pilon, son of the butcher Thomas Pilon and Madeleine Ruault of the parish of St-Patrice in the city of Bayeux in Normandy, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, never again to see the shores of his native land.  What reasons incited him to undertake a long and dangerous trip at sea towards a distant land and a future he could not even imagine?  Well, perhaps a taste for adventure and freedom for starters.  Whatever the case, he arrived in this new land as a young man and at the age of 24 he married the young Canadian-born Marie-Anne Brunet dit Letang (born in 1672).  Of this union there would be a rich and fertile descendence.  It is to these roots that most of the Pilon of Canada and many of our American cousins can eventually trace their relationship.  To help you find your connection, Pilon International presents the first three generations of Canadian-born Pilons.  We hope that you will be able to link up to this ever-broadening and shady family tree! 

Jeanne Pilon
(1689 - 1768) 
m. Jacques Proulx Lepoitevin
Jean Pilon
(1691 - 1755)
m. 1714 
Marie Anne Gervais
Pierre Pilon
(1692-3 - 1756) 
m. 1714-15 
Marie Anne Daoust 
Antoine Pilon
(1694-5  -1694-5)
Elisabeth Pilon
(1696 - 1776)
m. 1714-5 
Guillaume Daoust
Antoine Pilon
(1698-9 - 1698-9) 
Mathieu Pilon
(1700 - 1780) 
m. 1723-4
Marie Josephte Daoust
Thomas Pilon
(1702 - 1749-50) 
m. 1724-5
Marie Madeleine Daoust
Jacques Pilon
(1703-4 - 1703-4)
Marie Madeleine Pilon
(1705 - 1722) 
Antoine Pilon
(1707 - 1790) 
m. 1729
Marie-Josephte Roy
Marianne Antoinette Etiennette Pilon
(1709 - 1794)
m. 1730
Jean-Baptiste Dubois
Marie Louise Marie Madeleine Pilon
m. 1727
André Prézeau
Jacques Pilon
m. 1733
Marie Jeanne Messaguier dit Laplaine

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