Pilons of Detroit, 
Michigan, USA

In the middle of the 1800's, Thomas Pilon and his second wife Josephine Levesque moved with their family from the Montreal, Quebec area to the Detroit, Michigan area.  There, more children were born who would form the basis for a large descendance. 

In 1978, two of Thomas and Josephine's great-great-grandchildren produced a detailed accounting of their ancestors' large family.  Titled: "Genealogy and Family History of the Thomas Bernard Pilon Family" and published by Corinthian Press, the precious book also provides valuable information for other branches of the North American Pilon family.

We have, with the permission of Alberta Pilon McGovern and Robert Louis Pilon, reproduced here some of the main elements of the Detroit, Michigan family tree, up to the beginning of the XXth century.  A second source of information which has contributed to this chart is the unpublished work by Lionel Pesant "Répertoire de mariages Pilon, Hommes".

Thomas Pilon . m. Madeleine Hughes dit Ruault 
Bayeux, Normandie, France
Antoine Pilon  b. 1664
Bayeux, Normandie, France
m. Marie-Anne Brunet (daughter of Michel Mathieu Brunet and Marie Blanchard), January 20, 1689
Montreal, Quebec
Thomas Pilon b. April 28, 1702
Lachine, Quebec
m. Madeleine Daoust (daughter of Guillaume Daoust and Marie Madeline de Lalonde), January 24, 1725
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Thomas Pilon . m. Suzanne Amable Lalande (daughter of Antoine Lalande and Suzanne Legault), September 19, 1757
Ste-Genevieve de Pierrefonds, Quebec 
Thomas Pilon b. August 9, 1772
Ste Genevieve, Quebec
m. Angelique Lahaye (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lahaye and Marie-Louise Cousineau), October 21, 1793
Ste-Genevieve de Pierrefonds, Quebec
Thomas Pilon . m. (1) Adelaide Maillet, October 9, 1826
Notre-Dame, Montreal, Quebec
m. (2) Josephine Lévesque (daughter of Joseph Levesque and Josephte Leroux), July 16, 1844
Ste Martine, Chateauguay, Québec
Francis Xavier Pilon b. September 21, 1845
Ste Timothee, Quebec
m. (1) Olivine Vernier, February 4, 1867
Ste. Anne, Detroit, Michigan, USA
m. (2) Delphine Waters, December 27, 1875
Bay City St. Mary, Michigan, USA

The 17 children of Francis Xavier Pilon and Delphine Waters (2nd wife):

Delphine Pilon 
b. January 25, 1877
Henry Alexander Pilon
b. October 1, 1879
Joseph Frederick Pilon
b. April 19, 1881
Moses Andrew Pilon
b. January 31, 1883
Eugenia Philomene
b. June 5, 1884
*John Edward Pilon
b. June 24, 1886
Morris Thomas Pilon
b. May 5, 1888
Louise Harriet Pilon
b. March 14, 1890
William Herbert Pilon
b. December 9, 1891
Arthur Clifton Pilon
b. September 19, 1893
Nelson Wilbur Pilon
b. May 19, 1895
Stella Frances Pilon
b. August 14, 1897
Eva Monica Pilon
b. March 28, 1899
Ernest Philip Pilon
b. June 4, 1901
Lenor Mary Pilon
b. January 6, 1903
Beatrice Naomi Pilon
b. June 29, 1904
Alfred Henry Pilon
b. April 29, 1906

* John Edward Pilon is the father of Thomas Bernard Pilon, the father of Alberta Pilon McGovern and Robert Louis Pilon.

A copy of "Genealogy and Family History of the Thomas Bernard Pilon Family" can be obtained by sending $17.95 US (includes shipping and handling) to:
Robert Louis Pilon
P.O. Box 476
Montrose, Alabama

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