Pilon Celebs

From time to time, there are individuals in any society who distinguish themselves in especially noteworthy manners and they are publicly recognized for their achievements.

We wish to celebrate these deeds and place these Pilons in front of the crowd to serve as inspirations for our own lives.

We are the first to admit that our listing is highly biased and incomplete.  We warmly invite your submissions to this page so that it can grow and better reflect the admirable deeds of even more Pilons throughout the world.

Pilons and Pillons, Awarded the Medal of Saint Helena
Pilons and Pillons, Members of the Legion of Honour
Hugo Pilon (1887-1953), Teacher, Author
Johan Pilon, Founder of Nes Ammim
In Memoriam, Stijn Pilon, wife of Johan Pilon 
Colette Pilon-Larochelle, Order of the Lieutenant-Gouvernor of Québec
Pilon Members of the RCAF during WWII Who Received Awards
Lise-Anne Pilon-Delorme, Member of the Ordre de la Francophonie de Prescott & Russell
Jean-Guy Pilon, Officer of the Order of Canada
CWO Donald Alden Pilon, Member of the Order of Military Merit
Pilons in the Arts
Father Joseph Pilon Honoured (1932)

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