Pilon Members of the 
Royal Canadian Air Force
During the Second World War Who Received Awards & Honours

PILON, F/O (now F/L) Francis Victor (J21667) - Air Force Cross - No.7 SFTS (since moved to No.10 AOS) - Award effective 8 June 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1380/44 dated 30 June 1944. Born in Amherstburg, Ontario; educated there and in Vaudreuil, Quebec and Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Enlisted in Ottawa, 3 December 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 22 April 1941), No.7 EFTS (graduated 28 May 1941), and No.5 SFTS (wings 8 August 1941). Reported as having flown 2,131 hours to date, 1,867 hours as instructor, 337 hours in previous six months. 

This officer has completed many hours on flying instructional duties and the high standard of flying ability attained by his pupils has been largely due to his thorough methods and high quality of leadership. Upon many occasions he has cheerfully assumed extra duties, and in all respects has proved himself to be a most proficient flying instructor.
Flight Lieutenant Frank Pilon

Air Force Cross
PILON, FS Joseph Norbert Jean (R111339) - Distinguished Flying Medal - No.426 Squadron - Award effective 11 April 1944 as per London Gazette dated 21 April 1944 and AFRO 1075/44 dated 19 May 1944. Born 1918 in Luskville, Quebec; home there (enumerator); enlisted Ottawa 4 July 1941. Trained at No.9 BGS (graduated 30 December 1942). Medal presented by Governor General, 9 December 1947. Rear gunner in crew of F/O J. Brown, DFC. No citation other than 

"...completed...many successful operations against the enemy in which [he has] displayed high skill, fortitude and devotion to duty."

DHist file 181.009 D.2624 (RG.24 Vol.20628) has recommendation dated 18 January 1944 when he had completed 27 sorties (199 hours five minutes) between 13 July 1943 and 14 January 1944. 

This air gunner has flown on operations on many of the most heavily defended targets in Germany including seven raids on Berlin. During all these trips he has shown extreme resourcefulness and courage under fire. His keenness to fly and his untiring efforts and devotion to duty have set a splendid example to all who have been associated with him.

Distinguished Flying Medal

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