Ernest Pilon
May 24, 1889 - 

Not much is known of Ernest Pilon, originally from Moose Creek, Ontario.  Like many other Pilons, Ernest Pilon joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force early on in the war, enlisting with the 41st Battalion, Canadien Français in Hull on May 15, 1915, just a few days before his 26th birthday.  Ernest gave his civilian employment as an ironworker, a riveter.  He also indicated he had previous military experience with the 70th Militia Regiment.  By the fall of that year Ernest was in England and by the following May, just a bit less than a year after enlisting, he was in France with the famous 22nd Battalion, Canadien Français, the legendary Vandoos.

At the end of September, Ernest was with the 22nd Battalion in the Courcelette area of northern France and was struck on the left hand by schrapnel.  Within days he was back in England receiving treatment but by March of 1917, it was clear that his left hand had suffered significant damage and that Ernest Pilon's days as a soldier were over.  He returned to Canada at the end of March and was discharged from the Canadian Expeditionary Force at the end of June of 1917.

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