Pilons of Essex County, 
Ontario CANADA

During the XIXth century several separate and seemingly unrelated migrations took place of Pilons into Essex County, Ontario, CANADA.  While there could very well have been other movements of Pilons to this region during the XXth century, most of the Pilons who live in or come from Essex County can trace their ancestry to one of two or three individuals who are the founders of the Essex County Pilon famalies.  But the picture is never as simple as we would like it to be, not as complete.  For example, in the late 1800s, François-Xavier Pilon arrives in the Detroit, Michigan area from Montréal and starts a family there which has come to include a great number of descendants.  Rest assured that Pilons crossed the Detroit River.  However, that branch will be dealt with separately.

The information presented here was gleaned from the Ontario Census records for 1851, 1861, 1881 and 1901 as well as from microfilmed church records and published parish records.  For those wishing to pursue further research into some of the family lines presented here, they are encouraged to visit the Pilon Archives where additional information is available.

Since it is fairly impossible to present all of the individual Pilons who have ever lived in Essex County, the beginning of the XXth century is an arbitrary cut off.  It is hoped, however, that from that point onward, it will be relatively easy to link your family to the larger family trees that will have been presented.

Finally, these trees do not pretend to be complete.  There are most certainly gaps, possibly serious ones.  If you have information that would fill one of these gaps, please contact me, as I would find it an invaluable assistance and I will incorporate it into this page. 

Many thanks in advance.

Jean-Luc Pilon
Aylmer, Québec

Follow one of the following Essex County Pilon lines:

Antoine Pilon Fabien Pilon William Pillon

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