Crash Site of
EQ-X (BB-343)
408 Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Force
April 17, 1943
408 Squadron RCAF insignia

 Wreckage of EQ-X April 17, 1943
The photographs on this page were kindly made available by Madame Marcelle Pilon, sister-in-law of François Roland Pilon.

This grey photograph was taken of the still smoldering remains of EQ-X (BB-343) on the morning of April 17, 1943, the day it crashed near the town of Guise, Picardie, in northern France.  We can see a bicycle leaning up against on of the fruit trees in this orchard on a hill called "le calvaire St Germain".  Two people seem to be searching the site near what appears to be a portion of the fuselage.  According to Monsieur Edgar Guay, brother of the pilot F/O Jacques Guay, the local population who witnessed the aerial combat considered the crew of EQ-X to be heroes as they circled the valley, presumably crippled, in order to avoid crashing into the village.  A monument was erected near the crash site in 1951 on land donated and with moneys raised locally.  In France, they do remember their Canadian cousins and their RAF friends as true heroes.

Lesquielles St Germain

Monsieur Georges Dumur indicates to Monsieur Edgar Guay, the spot where the aircraft that his brother Jacques Guay was piloting, plunged to earth.

June 1949

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