Sergeant Bernard Gaston Pilon
Les Fusiliers du Mont-Royal
31/7/1925 - 30/3/1945

Fusiliers du Mont-Royal

13 April 1945

Mrs. Emelie Pilon,
Rockland, Ontario

Dear Mrs. Pilon :
    Further to this Headquarters’ telegram of the 2nd instant informing you of the regretted death of your son, C.103386 Sergeant Bernard Gaston Pilon, in keeping with the policy of the Canadian Army of informing the next-of-kin of all the details of battle casualties, the following paragraph informs you of the wounds sustained by Sergeant Pilon.
    According to information obtained by this Headquarters’ from Canadian Army Medical Authorities your late son died as a result of shell fragment wounds to the head and right buttock.
    Please accept my sincere and heartfelt sympathy for the irreparable loss you have suffered.

Your sincerely,

(C.L. Laurin) Colonel
Director of Records,
for Adjutant-General

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