Saint-Patrice Church
Rue de la Maîtrise
Bayeux, Normandy, FRANCE

This composite structure dating back to the XIIth century has undergone profound transformations during the gothic period and afterwards in 1746 during the reconstruction of the chancel and of the transept. The tower of renaissance style erected in 1548 by a merchant named Samson (click here to see a detailed photo of the tower), consists of seven stories, the first four square-shaped, the last three copula-shaped and the seventh very minuscule.

It is in this church, which survived the last war, that our ancestor Antoine was christined (click here to see a picture of the Saint-Patrice baptismal font) and that a few years later his mother Madeleine Ruault received the funeral blessings before being interred.

It is also, in this church, on May 21st 1994, that fifty Canadian Pilon Voyayeurs filled with emotion and tenderness relived a very poignant page of history (click here to see a picture taken during a mass being celebrated in our ancestors church). What beautiful and pleasant thoughts pounded in the hearts and souls of all these participants as they stood in this historic site.

The most moving and emotional moment of this wonderful trip came when a plaque was unveiled on the wall of the cemetery (click here to see a picture of that plaque) which recalls the 330 years since the birth of a child who would become the ancestor of more than 60,000 North American descendants.

(click here to see a complete picture of the church

Source : Journal des Pilon, Vol. 4 #2, 1994
Text : Lionel Pesant

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