A Truly Historic Occasion:
Antoine Pilon's Descendants 
Return to his House
in Pointe-Claire, Québec, CANADA

The Pilons are grateful to the following individuals for making this truly memorable event possible (from left to right):  M. Legault, city councilor for the area, Madame Marguerite Charbonneau, mother of André, resident of the home, Robert M. Pilon, Founding President of  l'Association des Pilon d'Amérique, André Charbonneau, owner and renovator of the Antoine Pilon House.
A very symbolic moment took place at the unveiling of the sign declaring the house to be known henceforth as the "Maison Antoine Pilon" (Antoine Pilon House), by a member of the most recent generation of Antoine Pilon's descendants (the son of Pierre-Paul Pilon in his father's arms) aided by Monsieur André Charbonneau, the home's current owner.

The picture below shows a large delegation of descendants of Antoine Pilon, 
one of the children of Antoine Pilon and Marie-Anne Brunet, 
gathered in front of the Antoine Pilon House during the "Return to Antoine's House", 
an event organized in 1992 by the l'Association des Pilon d'Amérique.
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