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Name Age Group Region Interests Email
Benoît Pilon 50+ Val-des-Monts, QUÉBEC, originally from Saint-Pascal Baylon, Ontario I will be visiting the D-Day landing beaches soon and I would like to visit Bayeux to meet my ancestors and possibly some local Pilons. benoitm.pilon"at"
Suzanne Pilon 40-50 Victoriaville (for the past 4 years), before that, Pierrefonds, QUÉBEC Next summer I will be travelling to France and naturally I will swing by Bayeux. Are there some contacts there with whom I could correspond and perhaps meet or place linked to Pilons?Merci. egfsuzanne"at"
Josette Pilon 50+ SOLOGNE, France Our daughter Bettina would like to go to Canada and she is seeking employment to obtain a one year visa. We need help. Thanks. pilon.josette"at"
Mélanie Pilon 35 Stoneham, QUEBEC speaking with people in other areas and especially, discovering my father's family that I never knew. m.pilon"at"
Eric Pilon 40-50 Wellington NEW ZEALAND Pilon name and history, travelling, camping, IT eric.pilon"at"
David Dirk Pilon 50+ NETHERLANDS Organising a Pilon summit in Europe for Pilon's over the world.Pilon cousins will meet in 2010 or 2011 in the Netherlands, I'd like to internationalise it !Yet I beg for help! dpilon"at"
Dominic Pilon 40-50 St-Léonard, Québec, CANADA . tautriadelta_88"at"
Jacki Pilon 50+ Bretagne, FRANCE history, genealogy, spread of the name Pilon jacki.pilon"at"
David PILLON 20-30 MEXICO & FRANCE learn about the history and past of the name PILLON (or PILON) and eventually contact other Pillons.Conocer el pasado e historia de mi apellido (PILLON o PILON) y contactar eventualmente a otro Pillon. davidpillon"at"
Victoria Pilon 15-20 London, Ontario, CANADA photography, writing, music, boys, and saying hi to someone new"at"
Tonya Pilon 30-40 AUSTRALIA Pilons in Australia, sport Travelling, Friends, Family and having fun. tonyapilon"at"
Tabatha Pilon 15-20 Ontario, CANADA Reading, writing, singing, learning. tabby_4_life"at"
Aprilrose Pilon 20-30 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA Meeting new people Itaforzaazzurri1"at"
Denis Pilon 30-40 São Paulo, BRAZIL contact with another Pilonīs in Brazil and the world denis.pilon"at"
Melody Dittburner (Pilon) 40-50 Pierrefonds, Quebec, CANADA sewing, painting, gardening, and canning mel_mythreesons"at"
Richard Ray Pilon 50+ Burton, Michigan USA Flying, WWll warbird airshows & re-enactment RRpilon"at"
Harry Pilon 50+ Geleen, NETHERLANDS playing tennis and pigeons harry.pilon"at"
Grant Pilon 15-20 Miami, Florida, USA ART, glitter, tanning, money astro_knott"at"
Derek Pilon 15-20 Toronto, Ontario, CANADA Sports, Travel, Partying....etc. dpilon"at"
Walter Philips Pilon 30-40 Detroit, Michigan, USA Antiques, Design, Travel, Fitness walterpilon"at"
Jane Jerotich Sirma 30-40 KENYA business ,family histories,travelling mabiiyo04"at"
Cera Pilon 15-20 St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA music and Northern Ontario ceecee_10"at"
James Pilon 15-20 Oxford, England,UK Pubs,Clubbing, Driving, Reading Socialisingwith the Girls!!! japilon"at"
Gigi Pilon 15-20 USA just talking and getting to know people aroundthe world gigi4848"at"
Serge Pilon 40-50 Voges
Généalogie de Pilon de France pserge4255"at"
Jennifer Pilon 20-30 Guelph
Biking , Hockey, Walking with the family kflaherty"at"
Andrée Pilon 40-50 Rockland
Eastern Ontario
genealogy andreepilon"at"
Robert Pilon 30-40 Zoetermeer
family robpilon"at"
Kirsten Isherwood 10-15 Alberta
hockey, sports, school, family history (mygreat, great, great, Grandmother was RachelPilon) kisherwood"at"
Suzen Pilon-Beach 20-30 Minnesota
Artist, Musician, Writer,Singer/songwriter...Family History, especially art/music History of thePilon name Zoeticjuju"at"
Michel Pilon 20-30 Longueuil, Québec
Immobilier,Musique unagentsouriant"at"
Robert Pilon 30-40 Zoetermeer
army,voetbal robpilon"at"
Jason Pilon 15-20 Alberta
pilon history greenspray"at"
Deanna Pilon 20-30 Alberta
movies, genealogy, family, animals, writing cd_love"at"
Sophie 15-20 Outaouais
la généalogie-je travaille auxArchives National du Canada sublime_so"at"
Marco Pilon 20-30 Genoa
travel and sport marcop66"at"
Johanne Pilon 20-30 Montréal, Québec
généalogie des Pilon missa"at"
Michelle Lombardi née Pilon 15-20 UK dancing,music lombardi1"at"
Laina Pilon 10-15 Québec,
Horses, horseback riding, music, photography,books, Costa Rica, Hawaii.... happyhorse03"at"
Anne Pilon
Barrie, Ontario
Snowboarding, biking, real estate-development annie"at"
Nathan Golden 20-30 Gatineau, Québec
Music, foreign languages, genealogy, gardening nathangolden"at"
Fabien Pilon 15-20 Maine et Loire
faire un arbre généalogique pilonfabien"at"
Breanna Pilon 10-15 Ottawa, Ontario
playing sports, hanging out with friends,talking on msn,and sometimes reading bre_girl03"at"
Raymond Lawrence Pilon 50+ Cornwall, Ontario
camping, boating fishing,Canadian NavalHistory,Family History rpilon_55"at"
Elyse Josephine 15-20 Victoria, B.C. CANADA Rowing, reading(shakespear), and animals(2cats and a dog) lisy4ever"at"
Dave Pilon 10-15 Utrecht, NETHERLANDS making music, architecturestuff building,guitars dave"at"
Rheal Pilon 50+ Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA meeting people, dining, fun and adventure rheal_p"at"
CANADA swimming, jogging, speed walking, cycling. I'ma young senior; just to talk MACDONALD8187"at"ROGERS.COM
Patrick Pilon 20-30 Granada, España Politique, Informatique, Langues, Photo patrick_pilon"at"
Garry M J P Pilon 20-30 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA would like to know more about the pilon Family gdtdspilon"at"
Donna Pilon less than 10 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA need information of the history of the PilonFamily for a school project sweet_smiley_gurl"at"
Paulo Henrique 50+ Cerquilho, BRASIL informaçöes para passaporteItaliano (Erminio Pilon) phsouzaalves"at"
Troy Pilon 15-20 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA Computers/CFL Football T_Pilon"at"
Karen Becker 30-40 Alberta, CANADA golfing, kick boxing, foods karen.becker"at"
Mohy Forani 20-30 Damascus, SYRIA Amature+radiuo+RF Scanners forani"at"
Peter James Graber 20-30 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pilon birth, marriage & death dates, alongwith photos. lisapetegraber"at"
Douglas Joseph Walter Pilon 40-50 London, Ontario
discovering new things dpilon7"at"
Barbara 20-30 Atlantic CANADA organic farming, knitting, sewing, readingmysteries basiamariola"at"
Mia 40-50 CANADA just about anything shrel60"at"
Victoria Joan Findlay Pilon 10-15 Kentville
Nova Scotia
soccer, basketball, badminton, french, school,playing the trumpet, drama, hanging with guy friends, normal teenstuff. Email me to chat. rubber_duckies890"at"
Susan 20-30 Vancouver, BC
I am a nurse, and am traveling on my ownthrough Europe end of August 2004 thru to September. Looking to meetpeople suetravel2004"at"
Judith Michels 40-50 Detroit, Michigan
genealogy/gardening/horticulture/history/reading judithmichels"at"
Tommy 20-30 North America pen pal, friend sulon_91"at"
Sophie St-Pierre 15-20 Gatineau, Québec
my grandma was the daughter of Irene Pilon jenesaispas"at"
Jennifer Pilon 10-15 Saskatchewan
lotsa things kick_my_devil_horns"at"
Emma Pilon 10-15 AUSTRALIA Sport (Water skiing, Netball etc) emma"at"
Sharon Pilon 20-30 Mayerthorpe, Alberta
Looking for info on Pilon's directly relatedor decendants of Louis Riel sharonpilon"at"
Maria Thereza Pilon Ribeiro 30-40 Pompéia-São Paulo
history family, genealogy... marpilon"at"
Sandra Pillon 20-30 Oriente, São Paulo
I want just know more about past of myfamily´s name pillonsc"at"
Scott R. Pilon 15-20 Arizona
Travel, Law, Outdoor Activities, Flying, Photos USTravel"at"
Scott Pilon 15-20 California
Firefighting, Sports, Weightlifting, SocialLife, Aviation Free4lord"at"
Dot Pilon Besteman 40-50 Michigan
Country home decorating dodbest"at"
Lennart Pilon 15-20 Groningen
Getting to know ppl around the world, learnmore about family ties. lennartpilon"at"
Pamela MJ Pilon 15-20 Sudbury / Ottawa, Ontario
geneology family/friends pahmela81"at"
Mitchell Pilon 15-20 Moline, Illinois
Drums,Guitars,Audio,Cats,Snowboarding,Vids,Beer. Mtpilon01"at"
Richard Pilon 40-50 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Travelling the world, still in the navy as asubmariner, going back to England for training for the new submarinethat we have acquired pilon_richard"at"
Sylvain Pilon 20-30 Hawkesbury, Ontario
computers,history miranrobert"at"
Diane Pilon 30-40 Gatineau, Québec
fishing,computer,gardening,painting didibb"at"
John and Ann Pilon 50+ Perth, Ontario
gardening, fishing, hunting, woodworking,baking john.pilon"at"
John Conrad Pilon 50+ Kingston, Ontario
fly fishing, fly tying, computers and geneology jpilon1"at"
Frederico Pilon 10-15 ITALY music pilaz"at"
Eileen Kortright Pilon 30-40 Virginia, USA
(orig. Guelph, ON)
my artwork, my Irish/Scottish roots, collies,my kids eileen"at"
Roberto Bidoia Pilon 50+ BRASIL exchange e-mails and news about Pilon Family roberto.bidoia"at"
Sheila 30-40 Manchester
Music, pubs, don't have much time 4 anythingelse at the moment brighteyes123"at"
David Pilon 15-20 Oklahoma
ancient history, extraterrestrials,Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the generally unusual dgp1987"at"
Elyse Josephine Pilon less than 10 British Columbia
computers, pets, friends elmoss_weetie"at"
Sylvain J. Pilon 20-30 NETHERLANDS finding my birth family miranrobert"at"
Jack (John Victor, Sr.) Ouellette 50+ Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
art, crafts, aviation, naval history turnstone"at"
Kerrie-Lyn Pilon 30-40 Montréal, Québec
getting to know people around the world zaher32"at"
Caitlin Anne Pilon 15-20 Connecticut
running, hiking, reading, travelling caitlinpilon"at"
Richard Pilon 50+ Florida
boating RPOPPY"at"MSN.COM
Carole (Pellow) Maas 20-30 Rhinelander, Wisconsin
family budman"at"
James Alexander Pilon 10-15 Oxford
United Kingdom
music,woodwork,dj-ing jam966"at"
Pamela Pilon 15-20 Terre Haute, Indiana
singing, dancing, poetry, friends ppilon"at"
Diane Pilon 30-40 Ottawa, Ontario
family dianenic_2002"at"
Guss 40-50 USA sport, life gustinko"at"
James Edward Pilon 20-30 Oregon
Travel, writing, music, family, positiveawareness pilonjames"at"
Yvonne Fitzsimmons 40-50 Ottawa, Ontario
sewing, reading, walking, running yvonnefitzsimmons"at"
Leanne Marie Pilon 30-40 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Volleyball, movies, friends, family, reading,writing, ... leannepylon"at"
Melissa Ann Pilon-Anderson 20-30 Everett, Washington
Sewing,Cooking,Computer whizzler1138"at"
Chris Harris 30-40 ENGLAND Dogs, Horses, Football, Evenings Out christine"at"
Ronaldo Antonio Pilon Filho 20-30 São Paulo
saber mais sobre meus parentes no Brasil e noMundo rpilon"at"
Arjen E. Pilon 15-20 Groningen
Miniature wargaming, Heavy Metal, Drawing superpil"at"
Roger L. Pilon 40-50 Ottawa, Ontario
Golf, Reading rlpilon"at"
Breanna Pilon 15-20 Ontario
Life, School, Sports, Friends, and Family Breanna_Pilon"at"
Karl Pilon 10-15 Alberta
Video games, girls, dogs, friends Sionbarzhard"at"
Paul Gilles Pilon 30-40 Victoria
British Columbia
travel, music, family ppilon"at"
Donald J. Pilon 50+ Morgantown
fishing, shore, mountains cedarmeadow"at"
Jason Patrick Pilon 20-30 Toronto
I am a graduate student in materialsengineering at University of Toronto jason.pilon"at"
Tony Pilon 15-20 Nova Scotia
hunting,fishing, camping, kayaking, lacrosse apilon"at"
Robert Louis Pilon 40-50 near Mobile, Alabama
Family Genealogy, golf, travel robertlouispilon"at"YAHOO.COM
Pierre Pilon 30-40 Gatineau, Québec
Sports, Martial Arts, varia melpima"at"
Rafael Antonio Pilon 10-15 BRASIL Encontrar parentes rafael.pilon"at"
Victoria Pilon less than 10 Nova Scotia
sports, my dog, kayaking,skiing tori_pie"at"
Veronica Pilon 15-20 Sao Paulo, BRASIL I just want to learn something about my name dartpilon"at"
Johanne Pilon 20-30 Montréal, Québec
Genealogy missa"at"
Jean-François Pilon 30-40 New York City, NY
A lot of things!!! jfpnyc"at"
Charles Pelletier 20-30 New Brunswick
Genealogy, Fishing, Camping, Crafts crpelletier90"at"
Susan K. Pilon Beach 30-40 Minnesota
Writing, Art, family, my ferrets and dogs andcat (lol) kids, reading...laughing and coffee. Really good coffee. SuzenKay"at"
Peter Dale Pilon 20-30 Western New York State
Pilon Family History pami915"at"
Michael W. Pilon 20-30 Duluth, Minnesota
running, 3 son's,church, wife's cooking,football pilonboys"at"
Janice Marie Pilon Burrows 40-50 Port Sanilac, Michigan
family history, meeting new Pilon cousins jpilon1"at"
Peter Paul Pilon 30-40 AUSTRALIA family links to the Pilons in Australia fromthe UK peter_pilon"at"
Mary Lanting née Pilon 30-40 Victoria, AUSTRALIA Pilon family and connections to the reformedchurch iamshe"at"
David Pilon 20-30 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA Pilon family renard1"at"
Susan Phillips 30-40 Michigan, U.S.A. history of the Pilon family CottageCas"at"
Robert M. Pilon 50+ Ontario, CANADA Travel (Italy, Portugal, France, etc.), Art,Pilon Genealogy rmpilon"at"
Josie Mackey 40-50 Prince Rupert, B.C., CANADA Pilon through Mary Anne Pilon who married JohnKilmartin (my maiden name) ducky"at"
Stefi Pereira 30-40 Beautiful Sunny San Diego, California, USA family, camping, sailing, scuba diving,flying, sailing, amature radio, genealogy genealogy01"at"
Kay Boyle 40-50 Washington State, USA genealogy kay_boyle"at"
Joseph Paul Pilon 50+ Chandler, Arizona, USA hunting, camping, muscle cars, travel joeplanman"at"
Douglas Raymond Pilon 30-40 Nova Scotia, CANADA My 5 dogs, sailing, stained glass, mosaics,sports little.pilon"at"

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