Ambrose Pilon's Reminiscences
about Pilon's Bakery
Peddling Bread

Unfortunately I am unaware of the existence of any photographs of a horse-drawn Pilon's Bakery delivery wagon or sleigh, although, as Ambrose Pilon recounts, these were used in the 1930's. This picture of Lena Pilon with her sister-in-law Minnie Powers (née Pilon, sister of L.V. Pilon) shows just a bit of the back end of what was likely a Pilon's Bakery delivery wagon.

While the focus of this photograph is poor, we can clearly see that the delivery truck was filled to the brim. Frank Pilon is about to leave for the countryside to peddle bread to regular customer who depended on the delivery system for their daily bread.
Frank Pilon and a friend posing with the delivery truck. Frank Pilon and his guitar Late 1920's/early 1930's Ford delivery panel truck.
Frank Pilon posing with the new delivery truck Late 1930's (1938?) delivery panel truck.

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