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Louis Victor and Lena Pilon

Ester Elena Marontate Louis Victor Pilon

Ester Elena Marontate (August 15, 1879-July 8, 1973) was the daughter of Thomas Marontate (August 1841-February 5, 1890) and Olive Deneaux (September 28, 1843-October 8, 1915). She was part of the sixth generation the Marentette family of the Windsor area that had established itself in that region in the 1740's when the flag of France still flew in the lower Great Lakes/St-Lawrence Valley.

Noé Louis Victor Pilon was born January 24, 1885, the son of Victor Pilon and Olive L'heureux. He married Ester Elena Marontate on October 1, 1912. Like many of their generation, they honeymooned at Niagara Falls. Lena would bear 6 children (Francis Victor, Vincent Louis, William Justin, Olive Rose Marie, Raymond Ambrose), all born in the Amherstburg area except for Mary Helen who was born in Vaudreuil, upriver from Montreal. LV passed away on December 13, 1971.

Niagara Falls Souvenir Honeymoon Souvenir

Souvenir postcard written 3 days after the wedding of Louis Victor Pilon and Ester Elena Marontate.

In the 1921 census, 'Lewis' Pilon is living with his wife Lena and their children Francis (listed as a 'daughter' aged 7), Vincent (4), William (3) and Olive (newborn). L.V.'s occupation is listed as a salesman. Unfortunately, the enumerator for this sub-district did not record the addresses of the citizens being counted. This sub-district, however, is the north side of Richmond Street.

This photograph was taken in front of a home on Richmond Street in Amherstburg, quite likely that of Louis Victor and Lena. The lady standing on the left is Amelia (likely Marie Emilie Marontate, Dec 8, 1969-June 11, 1966, married to Thomas Bondy), Lena's sister. She is holding Bill Pilon in her arms. Lena is standing on the right with Frank Pilon in front of her. Seated is Mary (likely Mary S. Marontate, January 17, 1865-January 7, 1946, married to Thomas Stanley Beaudoin), another of Lena's sisters, with Vince sitting beside her. The name of the standing young man with the hat on is given as Cecil.

(this information is on the back of the photograph and likely obtained from Ambrose Pilon).

Given that Bill, born in 1918, appears to be between 1 and 2, the photo was probably taken just after the end of the Great War, perhaps 1920.

The children of Louis Victor and Lena Pilon (Bill, Ambrose, Frank, Olly, Vince) in the mid to late 1920's? Missing is Mary Helen, born in 1926 in Vaudreuil. If this is 1926 then Frank would be 13 and Ambrose 3. What do you think?.

Grandma, Lena Pilon, standing on the lawn beside the Pilon home in the Méthot house. You can see the Méthot store and the Knox Presbyterian church behind her

Olive Pilon with her mother Lena Pilon and an unidentified friend in front of the Pilon home in the Méthot house.

The Pilon's Bakery family (l to r): Frank, Ambrose, Mary Helen, Lena, Louis Victor, Olive, Bill, Vince. My guess is that this was before the Second World War.

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