With Gratitude
Alan Everett Pilon, like most soldiers involved in the Vietnam War or any other conflict that takes young men and women far from their loved ones and places them in harm's way, wrote many letters home.  Through the generosity and kindness of his favourite niece, Monique Regina, his little "Rose", as well as his dear brother Jim and his wife Bev, we can follow Cpl. Pilon's time in the Marines, from his exuberance in training to his first days "in country" when he yearned for some action, through to the grim realities of war and his deep desire to go home and be with the people he loved so much.  The pain his family must have felt from his death still lingers and Pilon International recognizes their gift to the rest of us by allowing these letters to be read by others.  Our sincere thanks.

Alan Everett Pilon's Letters
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