Attestation Papers

Every new member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force was obliged to present himself for attestation.  The image to the left is a copy of the front of the Attestation Paper of Philipe Pilon (1102297) who attested on January 25, 1917 in Timmins, Ontario.  Click on the different sections to view an enlargement of that particular area of the front page.

These documents are preserved by the National Archives of Canada which has an on-line service which lets you search through their database of CEF soldiers by name or serial number.  Original documents can then be retrieved and viewed at the National Archives of Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa.

National Archives of Canada

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See the Quesions asked before Attestation/  Voir les questions que l'ont posait avant d'enr ler le soldatRead the Oath taken by the new soldier/  Lire le serment du nouveau soldatRead the Certificate of Magistrate/  Lire le certificat du magistratRead the declaration made upon attestation/  Lire la d claration du soldat faite lors de l'inscription