William Pilon
February 1, 1884 - 

William Pilon was born in Chénéville, Québec where his parents resided when he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (130th Battalion, the Lanark and Renfrew Battalion) in April of 1916.  However, at that time he was a living in Mattawa, a small lumber community located where the Mattawa River empties into the Ottawa River.  His occupation was a bushman or a lumberjack.

Things did not start well for the 32 year old William.  In September of 1916, while at Camp Valcartier north of Québec City, he was hospitalized with myalgia and gastritis just a week before leaving for England.  The crossing must have been a memorable one!

Between his arrival in England in early October of 1916 until his departure for France in late June of 1917, William would serve in the 12th Reserve Battalion and the 1st Central Ontario Regiment.  Upon arriving in France, he was with the 1st Central Ontario Regiment of the 75th Battalion which had formerly been known as the 130th Battalion.

It was with the 1st COR  of the 75th Battalion that Willliam was wounded in his right hand on November 15, 1917.  The severety of that wound is not known and presumably not great.  However, of greater interest and concern was a series of epileptic ceasures suffered by William in the first half of 1918.  Apparently he had a history of epilepsy beginning when he was 8 years old.  William was unable to return to active duty and was returned to Canada in June of 1918 and discharged from the CEF in July.

We might wonder what role did active duty at the front and being wounded play in the recurrence of William's epilepsy?

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