An Enquiry Into The
History and Connections
Of the Family Of

Index of the Descendants of John Pilon of Canterbury (1714-1783)


E. Ronald Pillow

The individuals are arranged alphabetically according to their first surname, then according to the date of birth.
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Ada Louisa (1882-1967) m. George Hopkins
Alfred Edward (1874-1944)
Alfred Powell (1860-?)
Alice Millicent Dolores (1884-1962) m(1). N. Ayres m(2). U. Pearson
Ann (1842-1852)
Annie Mary (born & died 1862)
Arthur Ernest (1880-1952) m. Emily Hewitt
Arthur George (1877-1966) m. Lile M. Puttick
Arthur James (1882-1948) m. Rosie May Wildish
Arthur James (1906-1930) m. Dulcie Ellen Sackett
Augustus Charles (1855-1889) m. Harriet Elizabeth Staggs
Benjamin (1887-1907)
Bertha (1878-1895)
Caroline (1855-1915)
Caroline (1872?-?)
Caroline Edith (1863-?)
Charles (1786-1817) m. Mary Ann Watson
Charles (1814-1815)
Charles (1816-1865)
Charles (1820-1905) m.(1) Mary Ann Botsford m.(2) Mary Ann Thomas
Charles (1845-1868)
Charles (1874-1965) m. Alice Harris
Charles (born & died 1900)
Charles Alfred Nares (1804-?) m. Doris E.S. Jones
Charles Edward (1853-1915)
Charles Edward Henry (1876/78-1932) m. Maggie O'Shea
Charles Nares (1876-1913) m. Florence Harvey
Charles Sidney (1865-1868?)
Charlotte Sarah Jane (1862-1909)
"CIS" (perhaps Harriet Louise) (1879-?) m. Thomas Moore
Constance Mary (1890-1930)
Daisy (1882-1960) m. Herbert Kington
Daisy (1884-?) m. Arthur Rose
Dora Wilhelmina (1897-?)
Dorothy May (1905-?) m. _ Boone
Edgar Stewart (1925) m. Sylvia Mary Ramsbottom
Edith Ann (1859-?)
Edith Elsie Florence (1905-?) m. Aubrey A. Troth
Edith Florence (1910-?) m. John Barbara
Edith Gertrude (1868-?) m. Philip Bishop
Edith Sophia (1878-1944)
Edmund John Thomas (1855-1937) m. Eliza Ann Masters
Edward (1759-1837) m. Maria Cooper
Edward (1784-1816) m. Mary Ann Pillow (1786-1868)
Edward (1812-1884) m. Caroline Admans
Edward (1827-1909) m. Mary Twyman
Edward (1839-1921) m. Ellen Part
Edward (1852-1910) m. Margaret Eleanor Scott
Edward (1883-1927) m. Ada Hadlum
Edward (1890-1959) m. Antonia Bonello
Edward Briton (1836-?)
Edward John (1836-1888) m. Ellen Sarah Geering
Edward John (1872-1945) m. Rose Dyer
Edward John (1910-1972) m. Gladys Seal
Edward Scott (1893-?) m. Sabine R.L. Barwell
Edwin Cedric Stewart (1928-1945)
Ellen Elizabeth (1870-?)
Eliza (1806-1849) m.(1) Henry Clackett m.(2) John Ashdown
Eliza (?-died young)
Eliza (1860-?)
Elizabeth (1762-1826) m. J. Taylor
Elizabeth Alice (1860-?) m. Horace Davey
Ella Winifred (1895-?)
Elsie Beatrice (1883-1963)
Elsie Mabel (1882-1960)
Elsie May (1892-1966) m. Beverley W. Filby
Emilia Ellen (1907-?) m. Cecil Kemp
Emma (1857-?)
Eric Farquhar (1903-?) m. Maureen Dell
Ernest Edward (1906-1908)
Ernest Edward (1911-?) m. Elsie Stanton
Ethel May (1884-1947)
Ethel May (1910-1987) m. Robert Smith Deacon Atkins
Florance Bingant (1872-1941)
Florence (18????)
Florence Louisa (1873-1947) m. H. Willoughby Smith
Frances (1793-1797)
Frances (1798-1854) m. Henry Pilcher
Frederick (born & died 1841)
Frederick (1903-?) m. Lucy Dickens
Frederick L. (1915-1920)
Frederick Leopold William (1881-?) m. Lily Taylor
Frederick Walter (1904-1905)
Frederick William (1858-1937) m. Alice Ann Costello
Frederick William (1879-1963) m. Cassandra E. Towells
Frederick William (1881-1927)
Frederick William (born & died 1886)
George (1785-1850) m. B. Crockford
George (1837-1874) m. Mary Elizabeth Harrison
George (1850-1927) m. Agnes Amelia Ruck
George (1861-1937) m. Ada Wilson
George Alfred (1900-1938) m. Harriet Quinncy
George Frederick Sebastian (1885-1946)
George Sidney (1871-1931) m. Ellen Elizabeth Smithers
George Walter (1876-1935) m. Helen F.?
Gladys Agnes (1906-?)
Grace (1856-?)
Grace (1892-?) m. George Herbert Chettle
Harold Walter (1885-1956) m. Mildred Fisher
Harriet (born & died 1892)
Harry Vernon (1865-1952)
Helen (1876-1951)
Henrietta Maud (1886-1964) m. Sidney George Hyde
Henry (1757/8-1762)
Henry (1838-1921)
Henry (1880-1962) m(1). Ethel Garrett m(2). Dorothy Neve???
Henry Albert (1849-1900) m. Mary Therese Azzopardi
Henry Albert (1878-1936) m. Mary Galea
Henry Charles (1817-1888) m. Henriette Daniel
Henry James (1817-?) m. Mary Weatherdon
Henry Montgomery Scott (1895-1917)
Herbert Charles (1902-?) m. Dorie May Roberts
Herbert Edward (1894) m. Louise Watts
Herbert William (1875-1925) m. Alice Inns
Hilda Violet (1910-1916)
Hope (or Hopestill) (1825-?) m. William H. Monk
Hopestill Harland (1857-?)
James (1752-1825)
James Cuthbert (1891-1892)
Jane (1756-1802) m. __ Moss
Jane (1876-1961) m. Sidney Belcher
Jianena??? (1871-1901)
John (1750-1836)
John (1773-1850) m. Eliza Davis
John (1803-1865) m.(1) Ann Harrison m.(2) Sophia Harrison
John (1814-1886) m.(1) Sarah Thomas m.(2)__ Read
John (1835-1892) m. Elizabeth Genders
John (1866-1954) m. Grace Gibson
John (1883-1968) m. Mary ?
John Harold (1880-1937)
John William Davis (1851-1902) m. Harriet Dunn
Leonard Charles (1890-1939) m. Millicent Thompson
Leslie Arthur (1907??-1962) m. Rose E. Smith
Lewis Walter (1917-?)
Lilian (1879-?) m. Alfred Clayton
Lilian May (1913-?) m. Robert Wickenden
Lorna Mary Carol (1919-?) m. Peter J. Palmer
Mabel Louise (1888-1972) m. Ben Jones
Margaret Prisca (1882-1960)
Maria (1790-1814)
Maria Cooper (1846-1878) m. Alfred Atwell
Mary Ann (1786-1868) m. Edward Pillow (1784-1816
Mary Ann (1811-1811)
Mary Ann (1824-?) m. William Stickalls
Mary Ann (1840-1849)
Mary Ann (1873-?) m. M. Grech
Mary Ann (1877-?) m. Charles Doughty
Mary Ann Eliza (1856-?) m. Frederick Cleaver
Mary Jane m. William Hughan
Mary Josephine (1879-1950)
Nora Bertha (1873-?)
Nora Elizabeth (1892-?)
Olive Winifred (1887-?) m. Lewis
Paul (1886-1888)
Percy Charles (born & died 1897)
Ralph Francis Nares (1907-?)
Raymond Walter (1906-?) m.(1) Gladys Burns m.(2) Janet ?
Robert (1853-1929) m. Mary Ann Webb
Robert William (1888-1969) m. Mabel Elizabeth George
Ronald George (1919-1958) m. Daisy May ("Nancy") Blay
Rosa Ann (1875-?) m. Henry Scott
Rose Elizabeth A. (1905-?) m. Arthur Thomas Smith
Rose Lilian (1878/79-1880)
Rose Lilian (1882-1890)
Sarah (1761-?) m. __ Dane
Sarah m. William Wilson
Sidney Frederick (1880-1956) m. Dora E. Dee
Sophia (1844-?) m. John Harverson
Sophia Maria (1862-1865)
Stanley William (1923-?) m. Phyllis Bertha Garlinge
Thomas (1796-1879) m. Hopestill Harland
Thomas (1826-?) m. ?
Thomas (1843-?) m. Ann Aspin
Thomas Frederick (1848-1915) m. Jane Drew
Thomas Frederick (1877-1937) m. Ellen Brandon
Victor Part (1886-1887)
Victoria Mary (1893-ca. 1960) m. William Coggan
Violet Doreen (1904-?)
Violet Gertrude (1889-?) m. Frank Hubbard
William (1822-?) m. Jane Pierce
William (1848-1913)
William (1863-?) m. Janet Stewart
William (?-1974)
William Albert Ernest (1883-1966) m. Henriette Darby
William Geoffrey Norman (1907-?) m. Marie Sledge
William Gordon Stewart (1922) m. Catherine Margaret Wallis
William Henry (1800-?) m.(1) Mary Ann Collard m.(2) Ann Parton
William Henry (born & died 1833)
William Henry (1851-1905) m. Eliza Part
William Henry (1876-1933)
William John (1865???-1932) m. Esther Ling
William Stewart (1894-1954) m. Marguerite Frances Theobald
Willliam Walter Farquhar (1873-1946) m. Elizabeth Norman
Winifred Nellie (1888-1890)
Winifred Josephine (1900-1923) m. A. Beedon

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