An Enquiry Into The
History and Connections
Of the Family Of

The descendants of John Pilon of Canterbury (1714-1783)


E. Ronald Pillow

Pillows in America

Several members of the family are resident in the U.S.A., as shown in the Appendix. There are however many Pillows in America not apparently connected with us.

There is a family in California who trace their descent from Henry Cornwallis Pillow, who was born in London in 1833, went to sea with the Royal Navy and eventually settled in the United States in 1859. It does not seem possible to fit him into the Family Tree, and I think it is unlikely that this family is descended from John Pillow. (Could there be any link with William James in this table?)

The most famous Pillow in the U.S.A. was Gideon Johnson Pillow (1806-78), whose ancestors came to Tennessee from Virginia. He served as a soldier, rising to the rank of General, and was one of the leaders of the Confederate (Southern) Army in the Civil War of 1861-5 (a Fort Pillow, now a prison, being named after him), but he was relieved of his command after refusing to surrender another fort to the enemy when ordered to do so. There are still Pillows perhaps connected with him in Tennessee and elsewhere.

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