An Enquiry Into The
History and Connections
Of the Family Of

The descendants of John Pilon of Canterbury (1714-1783)


E. Ronald Pillow

Other Pillows in England

The family referred to on page 2 as the “odd one out” includes Norman Pillow, whose researches are mentioned above and who appears to have the typical Pillow features, but we have been unable to link this line on the main Tree. It is given separately in Table N below, but I do not think this family can be included among the descendants of John Pillow.

Apart from this references have been found to a number of Pillows apparently unconnected with us. The marriages of several Pillows are recorded in the registers of London churches during the seventeenth century, of whom we have no other knowledge.

The registers of births contain the names of a number of Pillows (sometimes spelt Pillowe) in Cornwall, which cease about 1860. There are also from 1837 onwards (when the registers commence) a number in Herefordshire, ceasing about 1880, and a large number in Worcestershire who continue to this day. It is difficult to see how any of these could be connected with our John Pillow.

There are about fifty births registered in Kent (mainly in Canterbury) which do not appear in the Family Tree below, and about sixty in London. It seems likely that most of those in Kent and a proportion of those in London are descendants of John Pillow, with whom the links have been lost, though it is quite likely that other Pilons also adopted the name of Pillow.

There are about forty births registered in other parts of the country besides those just mentioned, between 1837 and the present day, whom I have not been able to identify as members of our family.

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