This portrait (object number 1935.155), estimated to have been painted ca. 1790, is part of the collection of the New York Historical Society whose permission to use this image is gratefully acknowledged. Below is the NYHS description of the piece and its known history:

"The subject was a resident of Canterbury, England, and the husband of Maria (Cooper) Pillow. They were the parents of Frances Pillow (1798-1854) who was married to Henry Pilcher in Canterbury in 1822. The Pilchers were the parents of Eliza, who became Mrs. John Vach."

The NYHS also holds a portrait of Maria (Cooper) Pillow as well as an unfinished quilt (object number 1941.1197) attributed to Maria Pillow, as well as a carved ivory fan or bris (object number INV.8733) and a ring (object number INV.12353) attributed to her son Edward.

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