Lise-Anne Pilon-Delorme
Biographical Notes

I was born April 9, 1953 in Lachine, Québec. I was raised in the countryside on l'Île Perrot, just a few kilometres from La pointe du Moulin, (today an historic site).  After the death of my paternal grand-father, Émile Pilon, we moved to Ste-Anne de Bellevue where my parents still live in the old victorian house of my Pilon ancestors.

I am married to the son of a farmer, an agronomy graduate of Macdonald College. In 1978, we bought the Delorme's paternal farm to settle down on.  We have two daughters and it is because of them that my carreer of writing for young readers began.  In 1985 my first book for young readers was published by les Éditions du Vermillon. Il was the first book of the series Marilyne et Catherine (the names of my two daughters).  Since then, two more titles have been added to the collection in addition to two novels for young readers, one Christmas story (which sold 10,000 copies) and two activity guides for teachers.  I also conduct numerous workshops in schools.

I continue writing for young people and I hope to find the time one day to write a big novel.

My  internet address is:

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