F/Lt. H.F. Smeaton,
Chaplain, R.C.  C.4954,
R.C.A.F. Overseas

30th April 1943.

Dear Mr. Pilon,

You will have received word through the official channels that your dear boy Roland has been reported missing.  Believe me, I know what a grievous blow this sad news is to your loving heart.  May Our Lord, and the Blessed Mother console you, and help and support you in these days of anxious waiting.  

By God's mercy, a good number - more than is generally known - of the crews missing, are eventually reported safe.  We must not lose heart or hope.  We must put all our trust in the Sacred Heart, and pray that better and more definite word will reach us soon.

Others will write and tell you what a fine airman Roland, was and how popular he was with his crew, and with the whole Squadron.  It is my privilege to tell you a little of what I know of the deep spiritual life he led.  He was faithful to his Sunday Mass, and fervant in the practice of his duties.  But he was not satisfied with that.  When it was possible, he was at daily Mass, and in fact, he was at Mass and communion immediately before taking off on taht last operational flight, from which he did not return.

That, and the hope that we shall hear more of him soon, is the consolation and the blessing that I wish you.

Your obedient servant in Christ,

Henry Smeaton  S.J.

Roland was a good friend of mine both in Canada and here .  He was in charge of my choir.
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