Some Destinations of Pilon Voyageurs
La baie des Puants and Michilimakinak

1755 1787

Of all the destinations that have been recorded in the canoe brigade contracts or in the "permissions to trade" (congés de traite), Michilimakinak was the most frequently visited. This reflects is important role as a redistribution centre for small outposts scattered across the North American continent. From Michilimakinak one could reach Lake Michigan and la baie des Puants and the upper reaches of the Mississippi and the Illinois Country.

La baie des Puants, (modern-day Green Bay), was also a destination often found in the canoe brigade contracts signed by Pilons. Its French name apparently derives from the fact that the warriors of the local First Nations wore leggings made of skunk skins when they went on expeditions. The voyageurs did not miss the opportunity of commemorating, in their own manner, what was for them an odd practice.!